KLOSS - a cosy place for children

KLOSS is our customised modular system for schools.

It comes in two versions, one for nursery schools and one for mainly junior and middle schools. The system has been developed in collaboration with school staff, parents and students. The result is functional and comfortable school buildings of a high standard. The working environment is bright, airy and spacious.

KLOSS is a flexible and adaptable modular system that can be built on one or two floors. An arrangement can be freestanding or at an angle and easily connected to existing buildings.

We promote sustainable solutions and have developed our modular systems with a holistic perspective where comfort, environment and sound finances go hand in hand. We have included heat recovery, time-controlled ventilation, presence-controlled lighting, individual heat control and temperature reduction at night, weekends and holidays.

Our newly built KLOSS-modules meet the high requirements for power consumption of BBR19. Even in our older buildings, we can meet high standards, thanks to our efficient heat pump. It reduces energy consumption by at least 30%, which meets the requirements of the Green Building Certification.

Versions of the KLOSS modular system

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