Futurum School

We are very pleased with our time in the temporary premises. Everything has worked just fine.

Futurum School is Håbo municipality's largest school. There are a total of 800 students here from reception class to 9th grade. The school consists of two original buildings built in the early 1970s which were later joined together.

- In 2010 we began to suspect that there was something wrong with the indoor air in that part of the school. More and more of us felt ill. This led to an analysis of the building which showed a wide range of defects. This included moisture in the ground and leakage and condensation in the roof.

- After investigation, we realised that it required a complete renovation. At the beginning we hoped that it could be done in stages and that we would not need to completely leave the building. But that was not possible. As soon as people knew about the problem they did not want to carry on working in the old buildings. We just had to rent temporary premises.

- We were also under real time pressure, but it proved more difficult than we thought to find enough space. After a calling round it became clear that Temporent was the only provider who could manage such a large and rapid construction. And in just 10 weeks, they built a new school building with ten classrooms and a staff room. The entire project was completed without problems.

- In the beginning some people thought that they would now be working in sheds or site huts, but they soon realised that these were real school modules, fully adapted for teaching. Our school renovation is nearing completion and it is time to move back. We are very pleased with our time in the temporary premises. Everything has worked just fine.

Linda Sjöborg, Property Manager, Håbo Municipality

Futurum School, Håbo
21 modules, 480 m²

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