Nyhem School

It has created new opportunities for interaction!

-When our old school was condemned because of damp and mould we were in a hurry to find replacement premises. We'll have to put up with what is available, I thought a little despondently. But the whole thing was actually a positive experience instead! Temporent's modular system was entirely appropriate for the school's need for large classrooms and associated group rooms, toilets, cloakrooms.

- Several of the teachers thought it was nice to get rid of the messy old school corridors! Instead, the pupils now have a separate, common recreation room with table tennis, pool and games, and a separate cafeteria. It has suddenly created new opportunities for interaction!

- Temporent was not only quick to deliver, but also unusually flexible and open to adjustments. They returned with new design suggestions and our requests were never any problems. We have also got a great school office, library and staff room. We have fully adapted science block and even an art room with kiln and a large extractor fan. In total we have space for 350 students plus all staff. There are now five 60-metre structures that we will work in until our new school is completed in about two and a half years.

Jonas Trulsson, Head teacher Nyhem School

Nyhem School
100 modules, 3600 m²

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