Suddenly everyone wanted to work there!

Calderys is now a world leading technology company specialising in refractories. When it was formed through a corporate merger two Swedish sales office joined together and they needed 20 additional office spaces immediately! This was the reason they contacted Temporent. And just four weeks later, a new office was in place.

- We could use our own land and did not need to make a serious investment in a permanent building. Anyway, there was no time for any lengthy construction process. The staff were very sceptical of temporary offices, but once they were built and furnished, it was just the opposite. Suddenly everyone wanted to work there! The place is really clean and stylish. Ventilation is even better than in our original office.

- We are now in the seventh year of our temporary premises. That is, of course, much longer than planned, but they have been really good. It's real quality. And we've never had any reason to complain. The service has been good and we have received prompt assistance if necessary. Everything has worked just fine. Now, however, we are returning them because we're moving.

Martin Wiberg, Product Manager Calderys

Calderys, Gothenburg
12 modules, 336 m²

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