At the start our staff were not convinced. Now it's just the opposite. Everyone loves it!

Where do you put everyone when the company is doing well and is expanding rapidly? That's exactly the pleasant problem faced by STRI, a successful technology consulting company in the electrical power business, which also operates a large high voltage laboratory in Ludvika.

- We are renting additional office space from Temporent, a single storey building of approximately 200 m2.

It is actually designed for 16 people, but right now there are ten employees working here, so it is spacious and the others are almost a little jealous. They sit in individual offices as well as together in larger rooms. The premises also have coffee break rooms, conference rooms and toilets. Our temporary premises are connected to the main building by a corridor. It was built at the same time and as the commissioning and it is of a permanent standard.

In the beginning the staff were very reluctant to work in temporary premises, but now it's just the opposite. It is quiet, comfortable and bright. Everyone loves it!

We are now looking into a future permanent extension, but no decision has been made yet. Temporent premises are a very good solution for our needs for the time being.

Göran Olsson, union representative for Graduate Engineers at STRI

STRI AB, Ludvika
7 modules, 196 m²

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