Tomtberga Nursery School

- Everyone wanted to work there!

In Östhammar there has been a sharp increase in the number of young children in recent years and there has therefore been an acute shortage of space in nursery schools. The problem was solved with temporary school buildings from Temporent while the permanent building project was carried out.

- During the procurement process we received five bids and Temporent was best at meeting our requirements. Their modules are very well adapted to nursery school requirements, both in terms of design and size.

- They assembled them quickly under severe time pressure, but Temporent completed the building on schedule. We now have an additional preschool for 40 children in two classrooms. The premises also houses two extra-large toilets, one receiving kitchen and a staff room. School staff were initially sceptical about temporary premises. But that changed as soon as the premises were in place. Then everyone wanted to work there! I have only received positive feedback about the building!

Mikael Persson, Project Manager Technical Management, Östhammar

Tomtberga Nursery School, Östhammar
8 modules, 350 m²

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