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High student numbers are positive, but they can also create urgent problems with the amount of available space. On the other hand there is a simple solution. By considering temporary premises you will be free to increase and decrease the number of classrooms to suit changes in student numbers. You can rent school facilities for just as long as they are needed. It gives you breathing space to consider if and when to expand the school.

Great school premises are not the same as huts

With Temporent Premises ™ you will also get comfortable, functional and attractive school premises. If you are one of those who still believe that a relocatable classroom has to be a boring, cramped and uncomfortable hut, then be prepared to change your mind.

Both the service and maintenance is included in the lease so you know exactly what it will cost for the entire rental period down to the last penny.

Choose modular system for schools

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Project mgr, Gothenburg City Local Secretariat

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