Temporent Premises - a solution to your problem

Are things going so well that you need larger premises? Too many new students knocking on the door? Large orders, new business, strong growth? Renovation or expansion needs?

With our Temporent Premises ™ concept it could take just a few short weeks for you to have all the space you need to expand operations in suitable premises, in the short or long term.

Temporent Premises ™ is built with modular system that works a bit like building blocks. The modules can be joined together in any number of ways - straight or at an angle and up to three storeys high. We can also create a variety of alternative layouts for different interiors and uses. The premises have high standards, especially with regard to a good environment and internal climate.

Temporent Premises ™ are typically used as offices, schools or nursery schools for activities that need to grow in their present location.

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