Temporent Premises

With our Temporent Premises ™ concept it could take just a few short weeks for you to have all the space you need to expand operations in suitable premises, in the short or long term.

Temporent Premises ™ are typically used as offices, schools or nursery schools for activities that need to grow in their present location.

Temporent Premises ™ is built with modular system that works a bit like building blocks. The modules can be joined together in any number of ways - straight or at an angle and up to three storeys high. We can also create a variety of alternative layouts for different interiors and uses.

quote iconMany do not even realise that they are working in modules!quote icon
Property Manager Ericsson Borås

More about our premises

  • Offices

NOVA - A new brilliant modular system for offices!

If you consider temporary office space you will have a strong strategic advantage and maximum freedom.

  • Schools

Our schools are a favourable overall solution for those who need to rent temporary premises rapidly and have high standards for a positive school environment.

  • Nursery Schools

By designing the premises with care and feeling our temporary nursery schools in relocatable buildings are no different from permanent ones.

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