Advantages of Temporent Premises ™

Temporent's relocatable buildings provide you not only with excellent office or school premises but also breathing space to plan and build permanent facilities or the ability to fill temporary premises for other reasons. We tailor solutions to your needs and everything can be in place within 8-10 weeks.

It pays to rent

It is a wise strategic choice to systematically rent temporary premises. It gives you the freedom to grow and shrink as needed. You use your own land and can connect the new building to the existing buildings. You can also get breathing space to think about future investments in permanent premises.

In place quickly

Your Temporent Premises ™ can be in place within eight to ten weeks after we have signed a lease and sometimes even faster.

High standards and comfort to the last detail

We invest heavily in creating both comfortable and functional work environments. A high level of quality permeates everything from materials to construction methods, layout and choice of technical systems. This results in robust and attractive workplaces.

Lack of stress included

Property services are always included in our rental agreement. We are responsible for servicing and preventative maintenance for the entire rental period.

Full cost control

With Temporent Premises ™ you know to the exact penny what the cost will be for the entire rental period.

quote iconBoth students and teachers are very pleased!quote icon
Project mgr, Gothenburg City Local Secretariat