3 Rental period

Temporent is responsible for preventive maintenance and operational support of fixed installations. The daily operation is the responsibility of the client and includes snow removal, cleaning of gutters, replacement of light bulbs and the like that are normally assigned to a property owner.

Preventive maintenance

Our services include carrying out regular construction reviews and fixing anything needed to maintain clean and functional rooms. We also replace the air filter and check the ventilation periodically to ensure that the air is of the highest quality.

Error reporting

If an error occurs, you should contact our property services by calling 020-690710 (Sweden), emailing service@temporent.se or using the form on our website. Case management begins on the same day.

The cost of all this is included in the rent we originally agreed provided that the problem is not due to excessive wear or damage.


Temporent is responsible for insuring the rented property during the rental period. The insurance is equivalent to a traditional property insurance including fire and water. Criminal damage and glass are not covered, nor are movables.

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