2 Commissioning

When the time comes to assembling the modules on site Temporent's project manager takes over the main contact with the client.

Soil and ground

The client is responsible for the design and dimensions of the ground where the modules will be commissioned (paved, level ground) including transportation routes and the routing of media for connection points using the basic plan provided by Temporent. Temporent is responsible for foundation that takes place with pressure plates and loose wood or steel, according to our system.

Commissioning of modules

Temporent is responsible for the transportation of the modules by truck to the installation site and they are normally lifted into place by crane. Installation and completion is implemented by highly experienced Temporent partners.

Depending on the size of the modules this phase can take anywhere from one day to a few weeks.


When the modules are in place there follows a period of time when various work is carried out in order to complete the building. The joints between modules disappear on the inside and outside. Gutters and down pipes for drainage are installed, as well as lining the base and various other exterior work. The client is responsible for external ground works such as landscaping or construction of playgrounds. Temporent performs work for customisations and options as well as any painting.

Finally, we carry out our own check and an obligatory ventilation check, as well as a joint handover visit to ensure that everything is in order.

Moving in

Once the final work is done, we see that the premises are cleaned and then it's time for you to move into your new premises.

Through our network of suppliers, we can, if necessary, provide more services to help in your work with the premises, such as furniture, relocation assistance, emergency alarms and more.