Rental concept

Temporent's relocatable buildings provide you not only with excellent office or school premises but also breathing space to plan and build permanent facilities or the ability to fill temporary premises for other reasons. We tailor solutions to your needs and everything can be in place within 8-10 weeks.

Temporent Premises ™ is built with modular system that works a bit like building blocks. The modules can be joined together in any number of ways - straight or at an angle and up to three storeys high.

We can also create a variety of alternative layouts for different interiors and uses. The premises have high standards, especially with regard to a good environment and internal climate.

A project manager manages the entire process from commisssioning to decommissioning including operation and maintenance so that our tenants can sit back and relax.

How it works

1. Planning

We discuss your needs and requirements, do rough sketches and specify any options and a send you a quote.

2. Commissioning

Temporent ensures that the project is carried out and the building completed on time. The client is responsible for landscaping and connection points for electricity, water and sewage. Finally, we carry out a handover visit together. 

3. Rental period

Temporent is responsible for ongoing monitoring of building components and fixed installations. Emergency service calls are handled by our Service Centre. The tenant is responsible for the daily operations.

4. Decommissioning

Temporent restores modules to the default condition, dismantles accessories and modules and takes away the modules. 

Our Temporent premises

Rent office space

If you consider temporary office space you will have a strong strategic advantage and maximum freedom.

Rent school premises

Our schools are a favourable overall solution for those who need to rent temporary premises rapidly and have high standards for a positive school environment.

Rent nursery schools premises

By designing the premises with care and feeling our temporary nursery schools in relocatable buildings are no different from permanent ones.

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