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Questions about the Modular Systems

Are there any ready-made lift solutions?

For our KUBIK and RYMD systems there is a complete ready-made lift system which can be attached either to our stairway module or directly against the facade.

Can the modular buildings have several floors?

Yes Temporent can build several floors. KLOSS can have up to two floors. KUBIK office modules can have up to three floors and RYMD is fitted out for four floors.

What is the state of the modules when we move in?

We always hand over a fully refurbished building in a new state with all installations and functions thoroughly tested and working.

Does the building come in any colour?

Yes, it is possible. But so that we do not have modules in every colour imaginable, we must return them to our standard colours when the building is handed back.

Does the building have a completely open-plan layout?

Yes, it is possible. We have completely open-plan modules that can create large open spaces for offices, assembly halls or canteens.

We want to rent warehouses to store products in. Is that possible in your buildings?

No, our facilities are designed for typical office loads, which are about 200kg/m².

Can we change the premises during the rental period?

Yes, it is possible. Most walls can be moved or we can build walls if you wish. If you wish to repaint or put up different forms of furnishings, that is usually fine, however the building must be put back to its original state at the end of the rental period.

Do you also rent gymnasiums?

We rent rooms for fitness gymnastics, dance and other activities, but the height of the rooms is only 2.7 metres, so it is not high enough for basketball, volleyball or other sports which need more space.

Questions about the Rental Concept

Can Temporent also do ground work?

Yes, we can hire in a company to do ground work, but it will be cheaper for you if you organise that yourself. Talk to us and we can give you advice on good ground work companies to help you. Temporent has expertise in building modular accommodation.

Do you have land or plots that we can rent the building on?

No, Temporent set up buildings on the client's own land, so you have to provide your own.

Can we buy the modules from you?

The answer is no, our business is to rent modules, which to some extent can be compared to renting an apartment. If you want to buy, or rent first and then buy the modules, you can turn to our sister company Flexator. Temporent Trading offers buildings and modules for sale, which in most cases have been returned after previous rental.

Do we have to have planning permission if we only intend to rent the building for a short time?

Yes, in most cases, you have to have planning permission. Some companies may have a general authorisation to construct smaller buildings for a limited time in a given area.

Will you apply for planning permission on our behalf?

You are the construction manager, so you must formally sign the application for planning permission. We can produce and manage the documentation and help you through the process. We also collaborate with structural engineers and can offer you the expertise required to monitor the planning application and construction process.

What is the longest or shortest rental period for modules?

We do not sign leases for less than 12 months. Most often our leases are between one and three years, but some clients have rented for longer periods, and also exceptionally for shorter periods.

What do we do and what do you do with the building during the rental period?

We are responsible for both planned and emergency property maintenance which is included in the rent. You are responsible for the usual simple operational measures such as bulb replacement, blockages in sewers and snow removal. Before we hand over of the building to you we carry out an inspection together and you also receive a Tenant's File that contains all the information about how it works and who does what.

What does it cost to rent a building from you?

It is just as difficult to answer this question as to tell you the price of a car. The price depends on which modular system it is, what types of modules you want and what we will deliver in the building such as IT, alarm, blinds, kitchen etc. Other factors affecting the price are the location and the rental period.

Temporent charge for:
1. Assembly, 2. Options 3. Rent during the rental period, 4. Disassembly.

Can we pay for assembly and disassembly as part of the rent?

Yes it is possible in most cases, but we must charge interest on the money that you have "borrowed" from us.

How long will it take before we can move in?

If the planning permission is sorted and the ground is prepared we usually say that we can put the building up in 4 to 8 weeks. If it is a small building with fewer modules it can go faster, and if it is a larger building with many options and a lot installations it may take a little longer.

How far in advance should I place an order to be certain to have the premises in place by a specific date?

This is a difficult question to answer. It all depends on how many modules we have in stock. Most often we have premises available, but it is sometimes possible that we run out of a particular type. When school starts in August, our contractors are busy with many projects that must be ready at the same time. So it makes sense to have a little more lead time in that period to avoid having to wait a couple of weeks extra. Contact a sales representative in your region to find out the current situation.

Questions about the Environment and Comfort

How do you ensure the indoor air quality?

Our modules are equipped with modern air exchange units with heat recovery and cooled supply air. We always calculate the number of units and air quantities for the number of people you intend to have on the premises. We perform and establish the protocol for the mandatory ventilation checks which we also send to the authorities to be filed.

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