Questions about the Modular Systems

Are there any ready-made lift solutions?

For our KUBIK and RYMD systems there is a complete ready-made lift system which can be attached either to our stairway module or directly against the facade.

Can the modular buildings have several floors?

Yes Temporent can build several floors. KLOSS can have up to two floors. KUBIK office modules can have up to three floors and RYMD is fitted out for four floors.

What is the state of the modules when we move in?

We always hand over a fully refurbished building in a new state with all installations and functions thoroughly tested and working.

Does the building come in any colour?

Yes, it is possible. But so that we do not have modules in every colour imaginable, we must return them to our standard colours when the building is handed back.

Does the building have a completely open-plan layout?

Yes, it is possible. We have completely open-plan modules that can create large open spaces for offices, assembly halls or canteens.

We want to rent warehouses to store products in. Is that possible in your buildings?

No, our facilities are designed for typical office loads, which are about 200kg/m².

Can we change the premises during the rental period?

Yes, it is possible. Most walls can be moved or we can build walls if you wish. If you wish to repaint or put up different forms of furnishings, that is usually fine, however the building must be put back to its original state at the end of the rental period.

Do you also rent gymnasiums?

We rent rooms for fitness gymnastics, dance and other activities, but the height of the rooms is only 2.7 metres, so it is not high enough for basketball, volleyball or other sports which need more space.

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