Economically viable

In our opinion temporary premises should be sustainable, which means that we combine comfort and function with sound financial and environmental considerations.

With modular buildings for temporary use the investment in a facility such as connection to a district heating plant is not negligible. Electricity consumption and associated variable costs are certainly lower, but when the investment cost is included in the calculation, it is rarely worthwhile. This investment is also doubtful on environmental grounds as the installation work is environmentally harmful in itself.

Our opinion is that it is better for economic and environmental reasons to retain the existing heating system in ready-made modules. We have focused on developing low-cost solutions to help reduce energy consumption. By installing our heat pump, we can, for example, reduce the energy consumption of a standard building by at least 30%. Combine this with an electricity contract for electricity generated exclusively by hydropower with guaranteed origin and you have a long term sustainable solution.

Everything should be right