Comfortable and Functional

In our opinion temporary premises should be sustainable, which means that we combine comfort and function with sound financial and environmental considerations.

 The most energy efficient building would be without windows. That would clearly not be very comfortable. Temporent take responsibility for social welfare.

Temporary buildings will certainly not be worse than permanent buildings. That's why we invest heavily in creating both comfortable and functional working environments. A high level of quality permeates everything from the choice of materials, the construction methods, planning and technology. Our modules, for example, are developed in conjunction with users. The modules are built indoors using well-proven methods and reliable building materials. High quality also characterises our choice of technical systems for electricity, ventilation and heating, as well as details such as large windows for natural light, finished in light wood and well hidden modular joints. The result is a pleasant, healthy and efficient workplace, where tenants are happy.

Everything should be right