Targeted quality and environmental work

Temporent are certified to ISO 14001 and certified according to ISO 9001.

With the client in mind, we work towards continuous targeted and systematic improvement and development in the areas of quality, environment and safety.

For our clients ISO certification ensures that we always offer the best solution for temporary premises.

Focus on quality

It is important for us to be responsive to our client needs and to be able to rapidly and flawlessly deliver flexible, purpose-built premises of high quality. Of course, we also take care of our clients during the rental period by maintaining a high level of service.

Focus on the environment

In our environment, we focus on minimising the environmental impact of the development and management of our facilities. We avoid materials and methods which pose an environmental risk and we involve and train our employees, suppliers and subcontractors. We also ensure that we comply with legal and other requirements.

Since 2010, we have compensated for all the CO2 emissions from our module transports. From 2017 it is done by supporting projects certified in accordance with the United Nations CDM system, supplemented with Gold Standard.

We have also identified tenants' energy consumption for heating as a significant issue. As a result we have been carrying out a development project since 2011 with the aim of reducing energy consumption in both new modules and existing modular setups.

Focus on working environment

The premises we provide have the right conditions for creating a positive physical working environment with regard to indoor climate, lighting and acoustics. A positive working environment contributes to wellbeing in the workplace.

In our own business, we strive to create a working environment that is characterised by openness, cohesion, health and commitment.

We also work with safe workplaces for our employees, contractors and visitors.