About Temporent

Temporent rents out temporary premises in modular buildings.

Temporent Premises ™ can be built rapidly on the client's land and can be rented as long as they are needed. Rental contracts are usually signed for one to three years. When the need is over our modular buildings are moved on to the next client. In this way companies, schools and nursery schools can continue to operate free from disruption without either having to move or invest in permanent buildings.

Temporent started in 1995 and is now one of the largest providers of temporary rented premises in Scandinavia.

Here you can read more about the business, our community involvement and our view on sustainability and more.

Temporent Rental concept

1. Planning

We discuss your needs and requirements, do rough sketches and specify any options and a send you a quote.

2. Commissioning

Temporent ensures that the project is carried out and the building completed on time. The client is responsible for landscaping and connection points for electricity, water and sewage. Finally, we carry out a handover visit together. 

3. Rental period

Temporent is responsible for ongoing monitoring of building components and fixed installations. Emergency service calls are handled by our Service Centre. The tenant is responsible for the daily operations.

4. Decommissioning

Temporent restores modules to the default condition, dismantles accessories and modules and takes away the modules. 

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